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Nordstaden, Gothenburg (Sweden)

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AP Fastigheter is Swedens largest property company with locations in Stockholm, Uppsala, Malmö, Lund and Gothenburg.
Nordstaden, Gothenburg (Sweden)

Building owner
Office and retail buildings dominate the building stock of AP Fastigheter. AP Fastigheter owns, manages and constructs buildings.

This building makes up a small part of the commercial centre (Östra) Nordstaden (East North City) that was constructed in the late 1960s. By that time Nordstaden was the largest commercial mall in Sweden.

Building concept
The building has 13,640 m² heated floor area and seven floors including the basement. The floor area is about 60% offices and 40% retail space (shops).
Nordstaden has been refurbished during the latest years and the refurbishment is still ongoing.

HVAC concept
The building is served by six air handling units with variable air volume flow rates (VAV). They all have 100 % outdoor air with air-to-air heat recovery equipment, mainly run-around loop heat exchangers. Typically the heating and cooling is also connected to this loop.

General data


AP Fastigheter

Year of erection



offices, shops

Net floor area

13.600 m²

Consumption of property electricity 


Consumption of heating/cooling


HVAC equipment

heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning,

building automation system

Energy source

district heating/cooling

Acronym of the case


Lessons learnt

Results of the Building eQ project - Energy saving potential in the operation of buildings 5 - 30 % - Realisiation of these potentials with low or no investment costs - BuildingeQ methods and tools allow quick and cost efficient detection of these potentials - Ongoing performance evaluation is prerequisite for energy efficient operation - Consortium suggests amendment of epBd with mandatory performance monitoring

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