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Oxford County Hall

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Oxford County Council: Building Refurbishment reduces
carbon emissions and energy for council

Prior to this refurbishment, increasingly frequent requests from staff to address summertime overheating issues, (with some suggestions that cooling be re-introduced across the building) were received. An extension to the existing HVac system was likely to cost £750K and significantly increase operational building running costs. The aim of the project was to reduce internal overheating by significantly reducing solar gain and the additional heat gain from internal luminaires by fully exploiting the building's daylighting potential to offset lighting energy needs. Blocking solar gain in a passive manner at the building envelope, was critical to reducing the buildings dependency on Air Conditioning, energy consumption and Carbon emissions. Utilising the energy of the sun combined with the surface array technology applied to the glazing enables the building to benefit from Cool, Dynamic Solar Illumination as opposed to traditional solar shading, which creates a darkened interior.

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The ability to utilise and exploit Natural Daylight within non residential buildings can have a startling effect on the buildings energy utilisation. Enabling integrated building technologies and daylight offsetting is only achievable if the occupants can be satisfied that their environment is being improved by the installed technology and there is no need for them to seek to control their internal environment.

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Salix, Carbon Trust

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Energy Savings of Sixty Per Cent, extended lamp life, reduced maintenance costs.