Samsø Energy Academy - a Renewable Energy Island

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Samsø Energy Academy

Samsø Energy Academy

Samsø has a new attraction – the Samsø Energy Academy close to the picturesque harbour village and tourist magnet Ballen. Samsø has amassed a great deal of concrete experiences with the implementation of a broad variety of local renewable energy project, from wind turbines to CO2 neutral district heating plants, rapeseed oil tractors and solar energy panels. This experience can be drawn upon through the Academy and research workers and scientists from at home and abroad spend time at the Academy doing research based on the easy access to all these different energy systems, where windmills, straw-based districting heating and thermal solar panels systems and the people who initiated them are close at hand. The Academy also functions as a conference centre where companies, scientists and politicians can discuss renewable energy, energy savings and new technologies. Samsø Energy and Environment Office, Samsø Energy Agency and the Samsø branch office of the Danish Energy Service reside in the Energy Academy. From this common domicile, they run a broad spectrum of energy counselling services for commercial and private customers, organize guided energy tours, workshops and seminars and generally promote ‘energy tourism’ for energy professionals.

Lessons learnt

To sum up, the project must be deemed almost completely successful. The primary objective has been achieved: 100 % self-sufficiency with renewable energy is attained using local resources, at the same time totally removing the emission of the greenhouse gas CO2 and other air pollutants.

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