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SEAF project: eQuad, a platform to bridge the financial gap between project developers and investors

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Funded by the European Commission for €1.7 million under the Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation, SEAF is a two year project that enables investment in small to medium sized projects in Sustainable Energy Assets (SEA) such as Demand Response, Energy Efficiency and Distributed Renewable Generation: the largely underserved SME market is comprised of industry and commercial buildings that have significant potential for more sustainable energy use. These efficiency and renewables projects, with typical costs running well under €1 million, are too small to secure financing by traditional investment houses.

The eQuad online platform, designed to function across Europe, facilitates investment in European energy efficiency projects and bridges the finance gap between project developers and investors in the majority of EU member states through the combination of three elements:

  • third-party project valuation by Joule Assets Europe
  • internationally recognized standardized project protocols by the Investor Confidence Project (ICP)
  • energy efficiency insurance from HSB Engineering Insurance Ltd.

Once projects have been run through the Platform, they are then matched to an appropriate finance solution from the SEAF investor network.

Since its commercial launch in November 2017, the eQuad platform has matched €5 million worth of viable energy efficiency projects, developed by SME ESCOs, to finance via its investor network currently representing over €1 billion in ready capital.

To learn more about eQuad, visit the platform website at

To use eQuad as an ESCO or investor user, please visit

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