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Shelter pilot project - Société Wallonne du Logement Pilot site

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Analysis of 518 dwellings refurbishment in Tubize, Walloon region, with a special focus on social work with the tenants.


Project name:  “PEI” (Exceptional Investment Plan) major renovation of 72 social housing units in the Chestnut
orchard and Hornbeam orchard dead-end streets in Tubize.

Years of construction: 1975-1978

Type of building: Apartments in buildings type Ground + 2

Number of dwellings: 72

Tenure: Social rental

Construction characteristics: Buildings are designed as experimental steel constructions. Cellars are built under the entire building.

HVAC system: Electric heating system: local electric heaters with heating accumulation. Heating storage system (primary central air handling – Mainly, retain the heat during the night to benefit from it during the day). Natural Ventilation, but only in bathroom. There is no other ventilation system.

Energy performance before renovation: K80 Heating needs : 215,65 kWh/m²/year

Expected performance after renovation: K39 Heating needs : 82,77 kWh/m²/year

Acronym of the case

SWL pilot site

Lessons learnt

Impact of the implementation of alternative models: - Time saved : 11% - Theoretical energy savings (only heating needs): 62% - Real energy savings (heating + electricity needs): 40-42%. Possible improvements: All these steps would be in vain, without a real involvement of tenants. Indeed, we can determine all the criteria for selecting contractors, we can improve coordination between all stakeholders, we can calculate with auditing the energy performance of buildings, but without a real involvement of all tenants our Shelter project could be, in my opinion, useless. On paper, one can determine what will be the K building, but if your customer prefers to increase the temperature of the slot at 23 degree and open a window if it is too hot, no matter what planned renovations are done, they will be useless, as the costs will not be reduced and benefits in reducing energy will be irrelevant.

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