Small municipality renovates street lighting system: Cabanillas, Spain

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With a population slightly below 1,000 inhabitants, the municipality of Cabanillas decided to evaluate an energy efficiency project with its streetlighting. The main objective was the improvement of the physical state and energy efficiency of the streetlight system as well as maintaining or increasing the quality of the service. The municipality was interested in conducting this project with an EPC and an open public tender was published for ESCOs to submit their offers. The main criteria were the renovation and improvement of the outdoor lighting installations with maximum energy efficiency and reduction in the maintenance cost.


The energy consultancy service supported the municipality and ESCO in several steps of the project: providing advice and information on the project's feasibility and the quality of streetlight technologies. It offered feedback on technical and financing issues and on the development of the EPC contract. The quality of the streetlights which provide the citizens with an improved streetlighting service and reduce costs for the municipality in the coming years were defined as key aspects of the project.
The municipality now benefits from a significant reduction of the overall costs of their public lighting system due to this more efficient system and the lower maintenance costs.



This case study was developed in the context of the EU-Project Streetlight-EPC which is supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.

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Streetlight refurbishment with Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) - Checklist


Escan Consultores Energéticos Avda. Ferrol 14, 28029 Madrid (España)

Funding description

Investment costs: 170,000 € (total investment) Subsidies: 0 € EPC contract duration: 14 years

Economic effect

Electricity cost savings: 41,535 €/year Reduction electricity consumption: 249,950 kWh/year CO2 reduction: 75 tons/year