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SMED 13 New headquarters

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The SMED13 has built its headquarters in the town of Miramas. This is an office building with a floor space of 1,100 m² to house SMED13 employees and delegates. 

Located on the plaine du Crau, with a land surface of 2520 m², it straddles the municipalities of Miramas and Grans. It is part of the Clé Ouest ZAC, managed by the EPAD Ouest Provence. The building was built in the south field, in the town of Miramas, in seismic zone 3. This move preserves much of the undeveloped land.


Client requirements, high performance envelope, significant solar gain, low temperature emissions, PAC water / water cooling on water, photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, electric vehicle charging station. (...)

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