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Solid Sorption System for Cooling in Tri-generation (SOCOOL) - Project Fact Sheet - Italy

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The project aims to develop a small-scale combined cold, heat and power (tri-generation) system. The cooling system meets the expectations, generating 5-6 kW of cooling from 8 kW of heat. The system has been moved to the Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF) in Italy and is now being demonstrated in their Eco-Canteen system: residual heat from a new micro CHP unit (a gas engine) is used to generate cooling for the company canteen.

Lessons learnt

The general benefit of the project is to reduce primary energy usage for cooling purposes, with an expected rise in energy efficiency of around 15-20%. The new cooling machines developed within this project will be low in cost and high in efficiency and reliability. Further development aims to produce more compact systems with a higher volume-to-power ratio.

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