UBL C@mpus: University buildings dedicated to digital

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In order to develop the digital (deployment of Collaborative Communication Infrastructure: ICC) and to do so permanently enter the campus in the digital age, the Loire Bretagne University (UBL) wished to build the following 4 buildings:

- In the Digital Cluster Rennes Beaulieu (PNRB) of 4000 m². It is situated on the Beaulieu campus in Rennes between the Avenue du Général Leclerc and driveway Jean Perrin.
- In the Digital Cluster Rennes Villejean (PNRV) of 4300 m². It is located on the site Villejean university of Rennes nearby EREVE.
- In the Digital Cluster Brest Bouguen (pN2b) of 1700 m². It is located on the campus of Bouguen Brest near the university library.
- In the Digital Cluster Brest Iroise (PNBI) of 2150 m². It is located on the BIA Technopole Brest Avenue Alexis de Rochon.


The development of the ICC is mainly effected within existing buildings. These four buildings, are not only a showcase of the project, but the only visible parts from outside the developed digital campus. They thus have a strong role not only from a functional point of view but also in terms of symbol and image to UBL C @ mpus particularly and UBL in general. The UBL hoped that the design falls within an Environmental Quality approach and hopes that the candidate obtains the certification issued by CERTIVEA H.Q.E® 2011.


The UBL brand and its environmental concern adopted a sustainable development approach which is now recognized in all economic sectors and is reflected in the building by an approach known as "High Environmental Quality". Another feature is that the four buildings are under a performance contract between the manufacturer and the UBL. The case study below focuses on the Pole Digital Rennes Beaulieu building (...)

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