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Vista Office Building

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VISTA is located in the Luciline-Rives de Seine eco-district, the only French project on the prestigious European label Future Cities dedicated to urban planning programs designed to better prevent and combat the effects of climate change. This commercial and housing complex completes the built front along the Seine, in a developing area. This new office built in 2017 consists in the realization of 4,600 m² of offices for the Matmut Group and 45 social housing units.


The program consists of a plot of offices and a housing plot on a common plinth of underground car parks. The offices are located on the Seine front on R + 7, with a last floor consisting of terraces and reception spaces.


A special feature consists in the air-cooled chillers there were designed to meet current and future requirements for energy efficiency and CO2 emission reduction in line with European ecodesign and fluorinated gases regulations. While both air-cooled and water-cooled chillers depend on an air stream as a means of heat transfer, the air-cooled chillers use air as means of heat transfer. Normally water-cooled chillers are cheaper and more efficient, with the disadvantage of higher water consumption.


In addition, additional energy savings are achieved through to multiple options: free-cooling system in direct expansion on one or two circuits, hydronic free-cooling system, partial or total heat recovery.



  • Primary energy need: 83,10 kWhpe/m2.year
  • Primary energy need for standard building: 132,00 kWhpe/m2.year


  • Heating system: Urban network
  • Hot water system: Other hot water system
  • Cooling system: Reversible heat pump
  • Ventilation system: Single flow / Double flow heat exchanger

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