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WIDEX A/S new Headquarters

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Danish hearing aid producer Widex A/S is first and foremost known for its groundbreaking digital technology and its commitment to giving people with hearing loss a better quality of life. With its new headquarters being constructed in Allerød, north of Copenhagen, Widex takes social responsibility and the passion for cutting-edge engineering one step further. The new HQ is a prime example of an environmentally friendly building, combining the use of renewable energy with the maximum recovery of energy. The HQ utilizes a unique geothermal system, which is the first of its kind in Denmark. The system stores excess heat from the building in a groundwater reservoir to be used for heating when required. This will reduce the company’s CO2 emissions by seventy percent compared to traditional heating systems. Other features, such as solar cells and the collection of rainwater, also contribute to the building’s ingenious mix of both proven and innovative green technologies. Widex has also applied for permission to erect a windmill on site. If permission is granted, the windmill will not only entirely eliminate the emission of greenhouse gases from the company’s headquarters – but excess power will be delivered to the electricity grid, providing a CO2-free contribution to the community.

Lessons learnt

Widex’ new headquarters is an example of how it is possible for a company to generate jobs and financial resources in the local community while keeping the environment in mind.

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