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10 years of the program Building of Tomorrow in Austria

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The brochure describes best practice examples of very energy efficient buildings/Passive House buildings as well as Passive House components which have been developed under the support of the programme "Building of Tomorrow". The programme established Austria's position among the leading countries worldwide in Passive House buildings and is now focusing on the "Plus energy building" standard.

Building of Tomorrow  is a research, technology and development programme from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT for short). Starting from the low-energy solar building approach and the concept of the passive building, and incorporating ways of using environmentally friendly and renewable materials in construction, new designs with great promise for the future have been developed and implemented. Research and development work has provided a firm basis for innovative, sustainable concepts both for new buildings and for renovating existing ones.

“10 years of the program Building of Tomorrow” gives a good overview of highlights of the research programme.