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ABRACADABRA Project: Add-ons in deep renovation- Challenges & opportunities

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ABRACADABRA PROJECT: Challenges and Opportunities of Add-ons in deep renovation of existing buildings. Past and running projects 


ABRACADABRA, ‘Assistant Buildings' addition to Retrofit, Adopt, Cure And Develop the Actual Buildings up to zeRo energy, Activating a market for deep renovation’ is an EU, Horizon 2020 funded project which aims to explore the decision making process, how different factors influence the actual market of deep renovation, and ways to assure good solutions and decision making to activate a market for deep renovation of buildings towards Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB).


The report that follows has been composed taking into consideration the different interventions and contributions brought by the key note speakers and the audience during the International Workshop held in Bologna on 23 and 24 of June, on the topic: Challenges and opportunities of the ABRACADABRA strategy.


The main challenges in energy retrofitting are:


  • High upfront costs
  • Long payback time
  • High degree of financial risk
  • Invisibility of energy renovation

A specific session of the first International Workshop has also been focused on existing best practices in deep renovation.


To access the full report click here