ABRACADABRA project- Past, running and future projects on Add-ons

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This report, by the ABRACADABRA H2020 project, presents the attractiveness of a new renovation strategy based on volumetric Add-ons and Renewable Energy Sources (AdoRES) intended as one (or a set of) Assistant Building unit(s) - like aside or façade additions, rooftop extensions or even an entire new building construction - that “adopt” the existing buildings (the Assisted Buildings) to achieve nearly zero energy standards.


The creation of AdoRES aims at reducing the initial investment allocated for the deep renovation of the existing building creating an up-grading synergy between old and new.


The document presents a list of best practices studied and also several examples of the strategy as instruments to foster the deep renovation in buildings and furthermore to build a substantial ground for the implementation of the ABRACADABRA project.


Moreover it provides a series of completed examples and case studies where the old densification ‘strategy’ has been used as tool to intervene on renovation projects in the recent years.


This report includes past and running projects, future projects, energy performance evaluation, and economical benefit evaluation in order to foster new projects and lastly in concludes with a set of pilot studies.