ABRACADABRA project: Regulatory Toolkit

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The ABRACADABRA H2020 project , based on the prior assumption that substantial increase in the real estate value of the existing buildings can play a key role in deep renovation, is developing a toolkit focusing on regulatory challenges and opportunities for boosting energy retrofitting of buildings.


The toolkit is investigating regulatory issues, as well as available good practices, in the project’s target countries. These include, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Spain, and the Netherlands.


The major regulatory obstacles in relation to add-ons are linked to property rights, tenancy and condominium law as well as local and urban planning rules.


This preliminary- report on the Regulatory toolkit presents the areas of focus for the preparation of the toolkit. Environmental as well as social sustainability criteria will represent key elements of the recommendations provided.


As described in this report, the toolkit that is under development will include:


  1. Background information with regard to the problems and barriers.
  2. Available experiences in understanding and tackling the problem and overcoming the barriers.
  3. Background information for understanding the topic from different angles.
  4. The proposed solution, with its advantages and disadvantages.

You can download the report at the link below.