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ABRACADABRA project- Technical Toolkit

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The EU funded ABRACADABRA H2020 project, is developing three toolkits; one focusing on regulatory challenges and opportunities for boosting energy retrofitting of buildings, another one on financial aspects, and the one described here - the technical toolkit.


This preliminary report outlines the development on the technical toolkit (TTK), which provides a guide and outline process for relevant stakeholders to understand, assess and implement the technical assessment required for the deployment of successful building renovation projects.


The toolkit includes an integrated and simplified energy model (SEM) for energy-economic analysis for non-experts, and also for experts that require a short-time for input data and calculations. The toolkit considers diversity of the apartment blocks in terms of physical building type (geometry), fuel, use, geography, type of ownership and stakeholders. All necessary data is collected in a data collection sheet, where all the physical, technical, climate and other parameters are acquired.


The report initially presents the case studies that will be used in the technical toolkit and provides a short description for each one. The case studies include, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Spain, and the Netherlands. The technical toolkit will include the comparison of at least 5 different scenarios for each case study, based on energy and construction costs and on the outputs of the financial model. The document includes also technical suggestions for improvement of the development of the technical toolkit. It concludes with the next steps of the project, regarding this toolkit development.


You can download the report at the link below.