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Accelerating Market Transformation for High-Performance Building Enclosures

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Accelerating Market Transformation for High-Performance Building Enclosures - State of market, policy developments, and lessons learned from the Passive House movement


This report by the Pembina Institute aims to provide decision-makers in government and industry a picture of the state of the passive house market, an assessment of its energy benefits, costs, and risks, and a summary of barriers to market transformation and policy solutions advanced in Europe and North America. Reducing emissions from buildings will require both de-carbonising the energy supply and reducing energy demand across all energy end uses. This report, however, focuses primarily on the reduction of heating and cooling loads.


The authors identify the steps that follow in support of this market transition:


  1. Get more passive buildings on the ground.
  2. Ensure markets and decision makers have access to energy information.
  3. Free up additional capital to cover incremental costs.
  4. Prepare the ground for regulation.
  5. Create information sharing hubs offering training for industry and providing public education and outreach.

To download the report, please click on the link below.