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Aggregation of nZEB monitoring criteria - ZEBRA project

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The ZEBRA project aims at tracking the maturity of a country's nZEB market, including newly constructed buildings and renovation activities. This report presents 10 project-specific tracking criteria appropriate for monitoring and measuring the market maturity towards nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEBs) in Member States (MS) of the European Union.


The analysis of each criterion will identify strengths and weaknesses of each MS market, thus allowing the definition of an overall framework for deriving recommendations on how to accelerate the market transformation towards nZEBs. The developed tracking criteria are the following:


  1. Market penetration of nZEBs
  2. Ambition level and accuracy of national nZEB definition
  3. National policies supporting the market development for nZEBs
  4. National progress towards cost-optimal building performance requirements
  5. Level of industry involvement
  6. Availability of nZEB-relevant components
  7. Market penetration of nZEB-relevant components
  8. Level of nZEB relevant expertise of actors
  9. Level of awareness / information / acceptance in the society
  10. Dependency of property value/rent on the energy performance



This report is part of ZEBRA's developing an "nZEB-tracker", a web-based evaluation tool which will present the results of tracking the status of nZEB market development on different levels.



For more information or to download the report, please visit the relevant ZEBRA project website.