Air Leakage Guide. Meeting the air leakage requirements of the 2012 IECC

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This report provides guidance on understanding the air leakage requirements in the 2012 edition of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and gives suggestions on how to meet the air sealing measures. It also provides information from Building America’s Air Sealing Guide, Best Practices and case studies on homes that are currently meeting the provisions. 


The guide is divided into 8 chapters:

  • Introduction: Basics of Air Leakage;
  • Codes: New Code Air Leakage Requirements;
  • Planning: Air Sealing Measures and Checklists;
  • Testing: Requirements;
  • Testing: Presenting Results;
  • Ventilation: Requirements;
  • HVAC sizing: Requirements;
  • Case studies: Alternative Methods of Construction.


Download the full guide at: