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AIVC December 2011 Newsletter

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Created in 1979, the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC) now operates with a very new approach that was approved at the end of 2010. One key ambition of the new AIVC is to foster and/or coordinate projects resulting in different informational tools (webinars, workshops, position papers, technical papers, ...) with an in-depth review process and an increased impact of the dissemination of the information. 5 projects (shortly described in this newsletter) have already started with the approval the AIVC board (which replaces the previous AIVC Steering Group and is in charge of the overall policy and of approval of the projects and of their key deliverables).

We hope you enjoy our Newsletter where you will be informed on the progress of these projects as well as learn about interesting initiatives (publications, events, etc.) for ventilation and infiltration specialists.

Please visit the website here which also contains a wealth of valuable information.