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AIVC June 2012 Newsletter

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In 2012, Denmark, New Zealand and Portugal have joined the AIVC, indicating the growing interest of many countries for ventilation and infiltration. There are several reasons behind this trend, including of course, the greater share of energy losses for air renewal in low-energy buildings, but also indoor air quality concerns motivated by new construction and ventilation designs and materials. There are great opportunities for the development of new methods and products, e.g. to reduce material emissions, to improve airtightness, to take advantage of ventilative cooling potentials and, at the same time, significant needs to evaluate these new approaches with challenging timelines.


AIVC’s on-going projects aim at removing barriers and making progress on major issues by bringing experts together from all around the world. These results will be discussed in topical sessions at the Copenhagen conference in October… so we hope to see you then!


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