Arrêté du 25 janvier 2013 relatif à l’éclairage nocturne des bâtiments non résidentiels afin de limiter les nuisances lumineuses et les consommations d’énergie

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This ordinance from the French Government requires that lighting of non residential buildings (lighting of indoor spaces and illumination of facades) is turned off at fixed times. The objectives are to limit energy consumption and to reduce light pollution. From 1st July 2013, indoor lighting will have to be turned off one hour after the end of the occupation period and facade illumination before 1 am. Facade illumination will be forbidden before sunset. Lighting of shop windows will be off between 1 am and 7 am except if the shop is opened during that period of time; in that case, lighting will be authorised 1 hour before opening and 1 hour after closure. It will be possible to derogate at special periods (e.g. Christmas) or for special events, according to a prefect decision. These requirements do not apply to lighting used to ensure the protection of property when it is controlled by motion or intrusion detection.