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Baseline consumption and pre-intervention behaviours in dormitory buildings

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Student Switch Off (SSO) is an inter-dormitory energy-saving competition run in 17 different university housing providers, housing 24,976 students in five countries over the academic years 2014/15 and 30,349 in 2015/16 respectively (55,325 students in total over two years). SSO is part of the SAVES project, a project funded by the EU.


Through a series of engagement activities and instruments students are enabled, empowered and motivated to save energy in their dormitories as a result of change in their energy behaviour. SAVES evaluation will assess the effectiveness of the Student Switch Off competition by both monitoring energy savings and human factors determining energy use. 


This report presents an overview of the Student Switch Off evaluation methodology and the findings of the baseline energy and baseline questionnaire survey analysis for the second year of its implementation. The main evaluation period for this report is academic year 2015-2016.


To download the report please click here.