The benefits of micro-CHP

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This report highlights how micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP) technologies empower consumers to produce their own low-carbon heat and electricity in an efficient manner, offering significant benefits for society in terms of electricity grid stability and integration of intermittent renewables.


The study is divided into six parts. The first-main part defines micro-CHP and summarises its significant benefits. The five remaining sections focus specifically on the following key themes:


  • empowering energy consumers;
  • balancing renewables;
  • decarbonising heat and electricity production;
  • saving primary energy and supporting energy security;
  • fostering economic growth: job creation through innovation.


According to the study, micro-CHP technologies can cut a household's energy bills by 25-34%, reduce its carbon footprint by up to two tonnes of CO₂ per year in 2015 and deliver primary energy savings of up to 25%.


The report underlines the significance of the uptake of micro-CHP technology in achieving the European Union's energy, climate and competitiveness objectives, provided that the right EU policy framework is in place.


Download the full report at: