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BPIE - Indoor Air Quality, Thermal Comfort and Daylight

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This report, published by the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE), provides an analysis of residential building regulations in eight EU Member States regarding indoor air quality (IAQ), thermal comfort and daylight requirements. The report addresses a range of topics increasingly important for European buildings and their inhabitants.


The overall aim of the report is to provide an overview of the regulatory framework for IAQ, thermal comfort and daylight, and to highlight the importance of having appropriate requirements for thermal comfort, ventilation and daylight conditions. The report provides recommendations for further policy development relevant to indoor climate.


The assessment focuses on the respective building codes for new and existing residential buildings in the following MS: Belgium (Brussels Region), Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom (England and Wales).



For further information or to download the report, please visit the relevant BPIE website.