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Build Up Skills QualiShell Project – Romania

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Policy fact sheet. Thematic Objective 2


The European Construction Sector Observatory depicts Romania as being behind the implementation of the 2010/31/EU Directive and the Nearly Zero Energy Bulding (NZEB) concept. Nonetheless, after 31st December 2018, all new buildings occupied and owned by public authorities should be NZEB. This requirement will be applicable to all new buildings as from 2021.


To meet the country’s NZEB targets, the Romanian construction workforce need to acquire the appropriate skills to build and retrofit high energy performance buildings. These new skills are needed across the construction value chain including architects, engineers, energy auditors, craftsmen, technicians and installers.


The EU Build Up Skills initiative and qualification roadmap were developed to help achieve sustainable energy policy objectives. In particular, the BUILD UP Skills QualiShell project aimed to develop and pilot two national skills training and qualification schemes (one for installers of external thermal insulating composite systems and one for thermally insulated window systems. It also aimed to develop skills and competency assessment tools, a procedural framework and a range of support mechanism.


QualiShell was successfully implemented and the two qualification schemes were successfully piloted. At least 11 partnership agreements between training providers and construction sector businesses are now in place, with the aim of achieving large scale implementation of the qualification schemes.

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