Building an education at the Solar Shading Academy

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Energy efficiency and savings are hot topics in the building sector, and Directives from the EU mandate better energy usage. The role of solar shading solutions is growing rapidly, and the professionals delivering these solutions need to understand current and future energy challenges. The Finnish solar shading association took the initiative for more professional development which resulted in the Solar Shading Academy.

There are several key reasons that the Finnish Solar Shading Academy was created:

  • To increase the level of quality and professionalism in all areas. Solar shading professionals decide the level of quality for solar shading systems in buildings. No one else involved in the construction world has as much knowledge and expertise in solar shading solutions as these experienced professionals, but many aren’t sure how to demonstrate their professionalism in this area to other parts of the building industry. We need to set a high level of standards that can be demonstrated to other building professionals.
  • To be able to “speak the same language” with other professionals. When sitting in a project meeting with other parties, it’s necessary to understand, for example, HVAC engineering and electrical requirements to be able to fit solar shading in the right way. Solar shading professionals must understand the whole building and its functions to be able to be part of this holistic approach. Energy calculations for a building can’t be done without solar shading, and our industry must be able to help all type of engineers in their plans.
  • To recognize professional excellence. Many companies deliver solar shading solutions to the market, and the quality of these companies and their solutions varies a great deal. There are companies who just want to deliver the cheapest possible products. We want to recognize and promote real shading professionals and separate them from “price players” who don’t show pride in their own work. The sign of our association becomes a symbol for quality work.


The Solar Shading Academy has two different parts; association members may take part in one or both sections. The first part is “Solar Shading” (as a part of a building envelope and management system) and the second part is “Business Management and Development.” The solar shading portion of the program is mandatory for the association members; the business section is optional. 

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