Building Performance Evaluation in Non-Domestic Buildings - A BSRIA Guide

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This guide, released by the  Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA), is a general introduction to Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) - the process of evaluating how a building performs and can be carried out on both new and existing buildings. It explains why BPE is important and how it can be used to address issues of inefficiency and user dissatisfaction. The document focuses on new, existing and refurbished non-domestic buildings. It is intended for clients, designers, developers, constructors and facilities managers, to improve their understanding about BPE and how they can benefit from it.


The guide discusses some of the tests and methods that can be included when reviewing building performance, to provide information on:

  • building fabric;       
  • building services and operating strategies;
  • energy use;
  • handover and commissioning processes;
  • occupant satisfaction;
  • occupant comfort conditions.


The factors to be considered when developing a BPE study are:

  • management of building services;
  • nature of occupancy;
  • comfort and controls;
  • indoor air quality.


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