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Building performance simulation self-study course material

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The Technical University of Eindhoven (Prof. Jan Hensen) has developed an e-learning module for building energy modelling and simulation. The self-learning course in English language is available on the Web and offers insights into energy and environmental simulation. In the introduction it is explained why building energy and environmental simulation should be used and some practical case studies are presented. In the practice part a software tool (either VA114, IES or ESP-r) is used as example for how to perform real building energy modelling within the simulation environment. The theoretical part enables the user to find out how building energy modelling and simulation actually works. The course includes exercises, assignments and answers to frequently asked questions. Throughout additional information is offered for a variety of topics, such as: a general glossary, technical dictionaries, web links and various ESP-r specific reference material.
The courseware can be used in a variety of ways including distance learning, supporting lecture material, dissemination purposes or reference material in project work.