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CENSE booklet 5 - Compilation of information papers introducing the CEN standards concerning inspection of systems for heating, air conditioning and ventilation

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One of the main activities in the CENSE project was “to communicate the role, status and content of these standards as widely as possible and to provide guidance on their implementation”. To fulfill this task, many so called Information Papers have been published with background and practical information related to the CEN standards developed in the framework of the EPBD. The Information Papers of each work field in the energy building sector are compiled in a booklet.
This booklet is part of a series consisting of the following volumes:
Booklet 1: Overall Energy Performance of Buildings
Booklet 2: Building Energy Performance
Booklet 3: Heating Systems and Domestic Hot Water
Booklet 4: Ventilation and Cooling Systems
Booklet 5: Inspection of Systems for Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation