CIBSE Commissioning Code M: Commissioning Management

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This Commissioning Code (CC) released by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), provides an overview of the management arrangements required to ensure that building services systems are commissioned to meet the objectives of Part L of UK’s Building Regulations. It is intended for commissioning managers and engineers, services installers, designers and facilities managers. CIBSE Commissioning Code M, produced in collaboration with the Commissioning Specialists Association presents current standards of good commissioning practice in the form of recommendations and guidance. The Code acknowledges that it may be used in a variety of contractual frameworks, and seeks to enable services engineers to improve the performance of buildings through better commissioning


Specific contents include:


M0 Introduction


  • M0.1 Scope
  • M0.2 Purpose
  • M0.3 Summary of commissioning requirements
  • M0.4 The importance of commissioning
  • M0.5 Other guidance
  • M0.6 Commissioning definitions
  • M0.7 Commissioning records
  • M0.8 Responsibility

M1 Legislation



  • M1.1 Safety requirements
  • M1.2 Statutory regulations

M2 General considerations


  • M2.1 Commissioning management
  • M2.2 Selection and appointment of a commissioning management organisation (CMO)
  • M2.3 Communications

M3 Design for commissionability


  • M3.1 Inherent commissionability
  • M3.2 Design responsibility
  • M3.3 Ease of access
  • M3.4 Design requirements

M4 Programming and co-ordination of the commissioning process


  • M4.1 General considerations
  • M4.2 Specifying requirements for commissioning

M5 Installation quality assurance


M6 Pre-commissioning


  • M6.1 Risk analysis
  • M6.2 Plant ready for commissioning
  • M6.3 Control system requirements for commissioning

M7 Commissioning


  • M7.1 Commissioning certification
  • M7.2 Phased completion
  • M7.3 BMS as a commissioning tool

M8 Witnessing compliance


  • M8.1 Objective
  • M8.2 Witnessing arrangements
  • M8.3 Witnessing duties

M9 Building log book


M10 System handover






  • Appendix MA1: Guidance documents on commissioning specific building services
  • Appendix MA2: Example responsibility matrix
  • Appendix MA3: Designer’s checklist for commissionability
  • Appendix MA4: Example certificate of readiness