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CIBSE Natural Ventilation News - July 2012

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This Newsletter released by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Natural Ventilation Group Management Committee, aims to inform members and potential members of the work being undertaken by the Group to benefit the discipline of natural ventilation within CIBSE.


Contents include:


  • Natural Ventilation and Overheating in Dwellings.

An article discussing the adaptation of existing dwellings to reduce the effect of extreme weather events.  The effectiveness of a wide range of both single and combined interventions (including changes to building ventilation) applied to selected common dwelling types was assessed using computer modelling.


  • Healthy Homes. Ventilation for Good Indoor Air Quality.

A summary report of the Good Homes Alliance (GHA) event: “Healthy Homes. Ventilation for Good Indoor Air Quality” held at the Department of Health in central London on February 22, 2012.


  • Research and Development. Making the Sound Barrier with Natural Ventilation.

An article introducing SoundScoop, a product engineered specifically for the acoustic internal transfer of air, allowing to minimise disturbance and provide good indoor air quality.


Please visit the CIBSE natural ventilation group website to download the newsletter at: