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CIBSE Natural Ventilation News - March 2013

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This Newsletter released by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Natural Ventilation Group Management Committee, aims to inform members and potential members of the work being undertaken by the Group to benefit the discipline of natural ventilation within CIBSE.


Contents include:


  • Savings with Natural and Hybrid Ventilation.

An article discussing a study performed by the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, involving a detailed analysis of an office building with an area of almost 3000m2 equipped with either natural, mechanical or hybrid ventilation. The performance of the building was investigated in Copenhagen, Munich and London while CO2 and thermal comfort were evaluated in accordance with EN15251 Category II. It was found that natural and hybrid ventilation reduce the primary energy consumption, CO2 emissions and Life Cycle Cost compared to a mechanical system.


  • Less Noise. More Sound.

An article focusing on the need to return to fundamentals so as to clarify targets for naturally ventilated buildings and re-examine the limits on noise entering.


  • Fresh Air Practices in English and Scottish Homes.

An article presenting anthropological research results on how and why English and Scottish families use the fresh air from outside into the home, aiming to explore its significance to people.


Please visit the CIBSE natural ventilation group website to download the newsletter at: