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CIBSE Natural Ventilation News - September 2013

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This Newsletter released by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Natural Ventilation Group Management Committee, aims to inform members and potential members of the work being undertaken by the Group to benefit the discipline of natural ventilation within CIBSE.


Contents include:


  • The Science of Cold Draughts.

An article aiming to give an answer to the question: “How do you ensure a steady flow of fresh air into a room in winter without the ensuing cold draught?” and thus addressing controlled mixing as a critical feature of the ventilation strategy.


  • What do we know about infiltration and exfiltration? 1 - An introduction.

An introduction to how air enters and leaves a building.


  • A camel’s nose.

An article looking at the dromedary camel’s breathing cycle as an inspiration to design solutions to limit evaporation from water storage ponds, design more efficient irrigation systems and learn how to best minimise loss and recapture water used in industrial processes.


Please visit the CIBSE natural ventilation group website to download the newsletter at: