Cities Alive: Green Building Envelope

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This report, released by Arup, explores how the application of green infrastructure to the surfaces of buildings can have a positive impact on cities and inhabitants.


  • Can retrofitting cityscapes with vegetation (particularly in building façades) improve the health and well-being of urban citizens?
  • Can we use green facades to capture renewable energy and drive sustainability?

The authors try to provide answers to these complex questions that demand a multi-disciplinary approach to reach a reasonable view.


Key findings include:


  • Green building envelopes can help to reduce the heat island effects, filter fine dust on the streets and reduce noise levels.
  • We now have the opportunity to rethink how cities can improve green infrastructure and, at the same time, help to reduce energy consumption, improve air quality and people’s wellbeing.

To access the report, please visit Arup’s webpage at the link below.