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Clean energy for all Europeans

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Based on Commission proposals published in November 2016, the Clean energy for all Europeans package consists of eight legislative acts. After political agreement by the Council and the European Parliament in 2018 and early 2019, these acts are expected to enter into force by summer 2019, although EU countries have 1-2 years to transpose the new directives into national law.


The Clean energy for all Europeans (introduced in ANNEX – Accelerating clean energy in buildings, published in 2016) aims to define the general framework for making decisions at EU, national, and local level concerning the energy efficiency in the EU. In doing so, we unearth synergies and efficiency gains that could not be found if each EU country acted alone. And yet each country retains its independence to choose its own energy mix and the path it will take to reach its energy and climate targets – but within an EU context and following a common approach.


This initiative for accelerating clean energy in buildings is dedicated to the development sustainable energy building financing products, which is grounded on the fact that buildings account for 40% of Europe's total energy consumption and the fact that around 75% of the building stock is energy inefficient. At the current 1% annual renovation rate it would take around a century to decarbonise the building stock to modern, low-carbon levels.


This brochure presents the numerous benefits the new EU rules will provide, from different angles – environmental, economic, security of supply, consumer, international, and from a longer time scale. The key message is that these changes are good for the planet, good for growth and jobs, and good for consumers.


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For completion of information, the original document released in 2016, “Accelerating clean energy in buildings” can be found at this link.