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CoolRegion: Booklet for the final project CD-Rom

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Increasing thermal load, large scale vitrification of facades and a higher demand for comfort in buildings lead to a higher demand for cooling in the temperate climate zones of the EU. After heating systems, cooling systems in buildings are the installations with the highest share of energy use. The project CoolRegion referred to a lack of missing pilot projects reducing the energy consumption of cooling systems. Based on European and regional expert networks, the knowledge about energy efficient cooling was evaluated and disseminated. In exemplary pilot projects (for new buildings or refurbishment), possibilities to avoid and to reduce the energy use for cooling, or to use efficient cooling systems (possibly with renewable energy sources), were demonstrated. The discussion of the experiences by regional networks contributed to raise awareness of the subject of “energy efficient cooling”. Further guidebooks and a web-based information platform now give support to decision makers, house owners, architects, engineers and craftsmen for energy efficient cooling solutions in the future. This document is the booklet distributed with the final CD-Rom of the CoolRegion Project.

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