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CORDIS Results Pack on construction skills

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A thematic collection of innovative EU-funded research results

Through its BUILD UP Skills initiative, the EU aims to equip the next generation of construction sector workers – from on-site workers to design professionals and senior management – with the skills and knowledge needed to ensure building and renovation projects meet stringent energy-efficiency requirements. This updated CORDIS Results Pack presents EU-funded projects that have designed and implemented impressive upskilling programmes to turn this ambition into a viable reality across Europe.


One significant barrier that hampers the development of NZEBs and effective renovations is the lack of adequate construction skills. Improving the skills of middle- and senior-level building professionals as well as the various trade professionals in the area of sustainable energy-efficient construction is therefore of key importance. The BUILD UP Skills initiative, launched by the EU in 2011, aimed to increase the number of qualified trade professionals by developing national qualification platforms and roadmaps, and providing training in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings.


The brochure (attached) highlights several EU-funded projects which implement upskilling programmes. Some of these projects are based on Building Information Modelling (BIM) training: BIMcert, BIMEET, BIMplement, NET-UBIEP. Others are: BUStoB which assists the construction industry to aquire the skills needed to make Europe´s building stock greener; CEN-CE which has set up standard-based qualification and training schemes in energy efficient construction for heating and cooling professionals; ingREes which developed training programmes on energy efficiency and renewable energy for middle and senior level construction professionals; MEns which developed specialised training to teach building professionals to retrofit housing stock in order to meet nearly-zero energy building standards; PROF-TRAC which has developed an online free training platform to help architects, engineers and other professionals improve their design and building of low-energy constructions; Train-to-NZEB, the Building Knowledge Hubs; Fit-to-nZEB which has helped to increase the nearly-zero energy building retrofitting competence of building professionals.


Read the full projects´ explanation in the brochure attached.


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