Criteria for Professional Qualification - White Paper

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Criteria for Professional Qualification

Criteria for Professional Qualification

The white paper "Criteria for Professional Qualification" proposes principles and strategies - illustrated in terms of demands of the building market, education and training towards professional qualification, regulatory frameworks, learning outcomes and priorities for sustainable practice - to measure and verify the knowledge, skills, and competence in sustainable environmental design that is expected of graduates and practitioners at every level of their academic education and professional training and within the practice of architecture and urban design.

Founded on the 11 principles of Article 46 - Training of Architects of the European Directive 2005/36/EC, this paper takes a propositive approach in reviewing current national and international legislation, and initiatives promoted by professional and regulatory bodies, with the aim of defining strategies and priorities to advocate consistency in the requirements for qualification at a European and global level and move closer to the goal of embracing environmental sustainability within the design of the built environment.