Decarbonisation of the building stock: a two-front battle. A Housing Europe position paper

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According to Art. 2 of the new EPBD, Member States shall establish a long-term strategy to support the renovation of the national building stock, including residential and non-residential as well as public and private buildings. The aim is to establish a decarbonisation path towards 2050, facilitating the cost-effective transformation of existing buildings into nearly-zero energy buildings.

Housing Europe has gathered the expertise of its members to develop a vision of the optimal approach for a fair energy transition and the decarbonisation of the building stock in line with new article 2 of the EPBD and summarised the outcomes in a position paper.

The objectives of this briefing are firstly to explain how renovation activities are decided and implemented by housing companies, secondly to discuss what policies are the most effective to achieve the fair energy transition in the social, cooperative and public housing sectors, and therefore to inform EU policy making in the field of energy.

With this paper, Housing Europe intends to contribute to the discussion on the future EU policies and funding programmes for energy and climate.

You can find the full text of the article here.