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Delivering a low-energy building- Making quality commonplace

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This is the final major report from Build with CaRe and reveals that energy bills for new homes are likely to be higher than anticipated and that occupant health may suffer from poor indoor air quality. It shows that today's quality standards for construction could leave us unable to meet climate change targets, and makes recommendations for radical changes in construction practice.

The report is concerned, in the main, with UK buildings and the evidence about energy performance that has been gathered over the last two decades. It is unlikely, however, that the picture described here is unique only to the UK. The report deals, in particular, with the energy ‘performance gap’ that is observed for both domestic and non-domestic new buildings and how to eliminate this and makes continual reference to ¨passivhaus fabric energy standards¨ and ¨passivhaus standards of quality in design and construction¨ of homes and other buildings.