eceee seminar on Ecodesign and innovation - Interviews with seminar participants (recorded)

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The main objectives of the seminar was to outline the role of innovation in the context of the EU Ecodesign Policy, as well as make some recommendations to better account for it in the policy-making process.

The seminar was arranged by the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee) in cooperation with the Swedish Energy Agency and CLASP Europe with additional support from Energifonden. Read more about the background

The recorded sessions of the interviews are: 

  • "The rest of the world is watching", Kathryn Conway, UNEP/GEF.en.lighten initiative
  • "Great to have all the debate across the ocean", Mia Forbes Pirie, Policy Partners
  • "Extended product approach is the next step for pumps", Ruben Kubiak, European Commission, DG Energy and Niels Bidstrup, Grundfos
  • "We need to broaden our concept of innovation", Agneta Persson, WSP Sweden and eceee Vice-President


These recorded interview sessions are available on the eceee website.