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ECSO - Policy Fact Sheet Bulgaria

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BUILD UP Skills EnerPro – Thematic objective 2

In Bulgaria, around 1,400 buildings are being renovated and retrofitted since 2017 according to the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC) as nearly 70% of the building stock was built before 1979.


The successful improvement of building performance and the adoption of renewable energy are especially challenging due to the skills shortage in the Bulgarian construction sector – a sector which accounts for 14.4% of Bulgarian GDP.


Recognising the importance of supporting skills development in the construction sector in the VET system to deliver high quality energy performance renovations, in particular NZEBs, a number of EUsponsored programmes are designed to enhance skills in the construction sector. One example is the ‘BUILD UP Skills EnerPro’ (EnerPro) project, which aimed to increase the skill levels related to Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in buildings.


The successful implementation of EnerPro project has resulted in the creation of more than 40 educational / training programmes that have trained over 400 workers in the construction sector in Bulgaria, improving the Bulgarian VET system and its correlation with requirements of the labour market.

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