EIO Thematic Report: Resource-efficient construction

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The following report addresses a new topic: resource-efficient construction. Resource efficiency basically means using fewer natural resources to achieve the same or improved output; it embodies the concept of achieving ¨more from less¨. For construction, it not only means using resources more effectively to build or renovate homes, buildings, and infrastructures, but also refers to reducing the amount of resources needed to operate the built object. It refers to primary materials and energy--including both fossil and renewable resources. While this report will touch on energy efficiency, it will mostly focus on material efficiency, implying a more effective use of concrete, steel, metals, asphalt, insulation, pipes, wires, wood, plastic, and chemical products, to mention some examples.

Please find below the various contributing authors for this report:

Wuppertal Institute:  Meghan O‘Brien, Raimund Bleischwitz, Rainer Lucas, Stefan Bringezu,Tobias Samus, Michael Ritthoff, Sören Steger, Justus von Geibler

ETH Zurich, Institute of Construction and Infrastructure Management:  Holger Wallbaum

Technopolis Group:  Michal Miedzinski

Sustainable Europe Research Institute:  Stefan Giljum Thomas Patz Finland Futures Research Centre:  Anne Karjalainen Leena Saarinen