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Energy in Buildings and Communities News, June 2018

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IEA EBC News, June 2018, Issue 67

The International Energy Agency's Energy in Buildings and Communities (IEA-EBC) Programme newsletter contains updates on ongoing and forthcoming research projects, and features new publications and website information, as well as topical articles of a general nature. It is intended for those active in fields relating to operational energy saving for buildings and communities.


The current edition includes and article reviewing the build-up on investment in energy-efficiency and energy research in Sweden. It further reports on four of our current projects which address the environmental assessment of buildings, net zero energy communities, the value of a competition and living lab platform and the benefits of district level building renovation. It concludes with an introduction to a new project on the deep renovation of historic buildings, which is a joint project with the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC)TCP, aiming to deliver the lowest possible energy demand and CO2 emissions.


Specific articles include:


  • Sweden Builds-Up Investment in Energy Research
  • Environmental Assessment of Buildings
  • Towards Net Zero Energy Resilient Public Communities
  • Competition and Living Lab Platform
  • The Benefits of District-Level Renovation
  • New EBC International Projects

Please visit the IEA EBC website at the link provided below to download the newsletter.