Energy Community Communication Platform

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The Energy Community Secretariat launched an electronic communication platform (FORUM) with the purpose to facilitate and strengthen communication among representatives of Contracting Parties and other stakeholders interested in the topic of Energy Efficiency.
To access the FORUM please follow the link: or visit official Energy Community Secretariat’s web page under the following link: . In the upper left-hand part of the display, you will find a screen button “FORUM”.
To log-in for the FORUM you will need your username and password that you use for our website. If you do not have them, or if you forgot your login details, but you still would like to use the FORUM, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Radovan Nikčević or Mr. Borko Raičević anytime. We will be moderating the FORUM for you and try to follow discussions regularly.
The FORUM is organized in several categories. Each category has one or more sub-categories (fora or discussion rooms). The Forum (discussion room) embraces several topics. Users are able to launch a new topic by posting messages (posts) or to reply to an existing one. All other participants can see and answer posts. If you would like to see who can read the posts and participate in discussions please navigate to “MEMBERS” in the main menu.
For example: in the FORUM there is “Energy Efficiency” category which has (so far) 4 discussion rooms (fora):
1. Energy Efficiency Coordination Group (forum to discuss the work of the EECG)
2. Buildings (forum to discuss challenges of implementation of the EPBD among Contracting Parties).
3. EBRD / REEP Project (forum to discuss all issues related to REEP project)
4. Other issues (forum to discuss all issues that do not belong to any of previous three discussion rooms).
In order to facilitate the usage of the FORUM we already started one topic and uploaded User’s Manual for the FORUM in the “Other issues” discussion forum. With this mail, we would like to invite and encourage professionals and representatives of institution in charge of energy efficiency issues to visit the FORUM using the links provided above, and to appeal to you to use it as much as possible.
Please, be inventive, curious and share your experience, knowledge, ideas and ask questions that challenge you. Always keep in mind and follow the common FORUM rules, respect all other participants, be polite and tolerant, and above all express only views related to the topics.
The purpose of this FOURM is to help all of us to improve our knowledge and to achieve our personal professional and energy efficiency goals.


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