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Energy Efficiency Solutions for Historic Buildings - A Handbook

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This handbook by the 3ENCULT project holistically summarises the principles for the energy retrofitting of historic buildings, from the first diagnosis to the adequately designed intervention: preservation of the historic structure, user comfort, and energy efficiency.


This handbook provides energy efficient solutions for historic buildings, aiming at supporting stakeholders to find optimised solutions that take into account the differing requirements of historic buildings. It combines the experience and knowledge of the experts involved, with the essence of the results of 3ENCULT, a large international project comprising twenty-one partner organisations from many European countries.


The handbook's content was developed by an interdisciplinary team of researchers. The wide range of different expertise, design examples, calculations, and measuring results from eight case studies makes this manual a useful tool for architects, engineers, monument preservation specialists, students and energy consultants. 


3ENCULT project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme. For further information, or to download the handbook, please visit the relevant 3ENCULT website.