Energy performance of buildings in Latvia

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This presentation from the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia offers a detailed overview of the transposition of the EPBD recast in this country (status September 2013).

A new law on the Energy Performance of Buildings (LEPB) was adopted on 6 December 2012 and has been in force since 9 January 2013. Different regulations were then published:

- regarding independent experts (No.382 of the 9th of July 2013)

- regarding calculation of energy performance of buildings (No.348 of the 25th of June 2013)

- regarding energy performance certification of buildings (No.383 of the 9th of July 2013), including a definition of a Nearly Zero-Energy Building.

Latvia plans to review energy performance requirements according to regulation 244/2012 (cost-optimality) until the end of 2013.

The presentation details the way by which the experts are accredited and supervised.

An "Apartment House Renovation Programme" has been implemented with subsidies and low-interest loans.