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EPBD 2021 revision - initial eu.bac suggestions

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Image by Harry Strauss from Pixabay

eu.bac welcomes the 2021 revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, which has become necessary in light of the increased ambition agreed in the Renovation Wave. To meet EU climate targets and fully decarbonise the building stock by 2050, stronger measures must be put in place at the European level.


In this paper, we provide our initial suggestions. We have structured our suggestions in 6 chapters, each containing specific policy recommendations:


  1. Implementation of the revised EPBD first
  2. Digitalization as the driving force of the renovation wave
  3. Decarbonisation and energy efficiency: defining the indicators for successful building policies
  4. Filling the gaps on the basics: dynamic hydronic balancing, self-regulating devices and solar shading
  5. Harmonization and synergies between different legislation at the EU and national level
  6. Indoor environmental quality

While new measures are needed to address new challenges and pursue greater goals, before discussing any new policies we believe that the existing policies should be properly implemented. Unfortunately, this is not the case concerning the EPBD revision, as approved in 2018. Even though the deadline for transposition expired on 10th March 2020, many Member States have still not fully implemented this legislation.


This results in uncertainty for investors and professionals who are left to find their way through measuresthat are already approved at the European level but still waiting to be implemented at the national level, with many details and parameters still to be defined.