European district heating price series

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This report, released in the framework of the research project “The future role of district heating in Europe”, contains the first collection of long time series of national average district heating prices in Europe. The data can serve as a basis to further analysis of district heating prices in European countries.


Long time series of district heating prices have been identified in 23 European countries. The annual average prices have been estimated according to various national sources as national statistical authorities, as well as various international sources.


The document includes long time series of national average district heating prices until 2013 and the corresponding annual revenues and heat sales. 560 annual average national district heating prices have been estimated.


According to the findings, during 2013, Denmark, Slovak Republic, Germany, Norway, and Sweden had high district heating prices as opposed to Iceland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Hungary, and Poland.  The Slovak Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia were countries with high proportions of district heating costs in the disposable incomes during the same year.


For further information please visit the link provided below to download and read the full report.